What we care about is Performance

We often have miscommunication when talking about CrossFit to people who have heard about it, but haven’t done it before and want to know more.

The reason is that we are speaking different languages.   Most people investigating a gym, a class, a workout routine, they are interested in aesthetics.  They are interested in quick.

That’s why you see so many infomercials, commercials, direct mail pieces, and websites focused on how much weight/inches lost over how many days when you train for how many minutes.

It’s a microwave culture.

At the Rock, those things are a byproduct of chasing hard after performance.   We are in the Crockpot business.   It takes time and energy to improve performance, especially when you are a trained athlete.

So folks interested in CrossFit: Are you interested in increasing what your body is actually capable of doing?  Or do you JUST want to look good naked?   Train for the mirror and that’s all you’ll get.

Train for performance, and you’ll get the performance AND the results in the mirror.

So we push for more strength, more flexibility, more capacity, endurance, stamina, power, speed, agility, coordination accuracy and balance.   We want to measure our ability in these things and improve them.

Make it a game.  Practice it and test it.  We chase performance……Courtesy of Cactus Crossfit

Friday, April 26th

The Humbler
3 Rounds for Time:
30 Wall Balls
30 Double Unders

Strength/Skill: 7×3 Front Squats @ 70%