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April 2013: The Gun Show


Obama can’t ban THESE guns!

Meet Dana!

Tell us about yourself (name, age, education, family, work, etc.)

My name is Dana Baker and I’m 36 years young with two children: Gable 4, and Dagen 2. I live in Harrisonburg with my husband Beau, who works very hard so that I can stay home with the children.

How long have you been doing crossfit?

I’ve been doing CrossFit since the very first 5:45 am class offered at The Rock on January 14th, 2013. Almost four months now and I’m completely hooked!

When/what was your “crossfit moment” or have you had one? (the one where you think you may actually die)

My worst moment…..I mean my “biggest OMG crossfit moment”….was the March 20th factorial workout comprised of Pistol Squats and Handstand Pushups. It took me over 18 minutes to finish the workout but I was determined to get every last handstand. Pushup even if it took me all day. And to top off the pain, the strength portion of class was killer 3×10 toes to bar and 3×10 dips—torture!

What made you come back?

Watching my lifts increase, my reps get faster, and my times get better has really motivated me to continue. I’ve never given 110% of myself to a workout before and now that I know what I’m capable of, I’m driven to get better and push harder each day. Rocktown is my rock….my sanctuary away from the stress of life. Of course I will keep coming back!

What are your favorite crossfit movements?

My favorite crossfit move would have to be double unders. I feel like its one of those moves that can speed up my workout time or put me ahead. It motivates me in a rough workout when I see harder moves–if I can catch up with double unders, I feel like I’m accomplishing much more!

What movement makes you look at the white board and want to walk back out the door?

I hate rowing and burpees. I make myself practice burpees.  But I really do hate them. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten on the rower when I haven’t had to. In fact, if there was a workout of just rowing and burpees, I might sleep in. Please don’t create a workout of just rowing and burpees.

What are your goals?

Just to be and do the best that I can and give 100%. I also really want to do fluent kipping pull-ups. That would be nice!

What motivates you to continue coming back?

Seeing results. Well that and my husband says that when I don’t workout I can be a “B” (I think you know what that means)! Ha- I supposed. its not only physically great- it’s mentally healing as well

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

Honestly, I used to make fun of all the stereotypes associated with crossfit “community” and “family” seemed almost laughable to me. It’s just a gym, just a workout, right? But what I’ve learned over the past few months is that CrossFit is NOT just a gym or just a workout. It’s. a place I get to see my friends every day or text about an upcoming workout. It’s. a place where I can get motivation on a rough day or be inspired by another athlete. It’s my own little sanctuary where I’ve found confidence,, built esteem and formed solid friendships with people who understand my passion. Not many people really understand CrossFit until they do it….I’ve done it, and that’s what I’ve found at The Rock friends, community, and passion. You could say I’m drunk off the Kool-Aid, and I only want more!

Free Write: (anything you want to say about trainers/facilities/other athletes/etc)

The Rock is a top-notch facility with top-notch coaches. I’ve learned more about what I’m capable of from the coaches and my fellow athletes than I ever could have imagined. Having people cheer for you each day makes you want to work harder–not just for yourself but for everyone else too. No matter what class I go to, every person is kind, welcoming and cheerful. Even at 5:45 in the morning people are already smiling. I couldn’t do it without the encouragement and support. When someone believes in me it makes me believe in myself when normally I wouldn’t. I really thankful for all the Rock have given me.

A Note from the Rocktown Staff:

We all feel very honored to have Dana as our athlete of the month.  She is the true example that hard work does in fact pay off.  In nearly three month Dana has gone from no double unders to completing almost every workout as prescribed.  If you have never seen her doing her 40 burpees a day after class its truly inspiring, she doesn’t leave the gym till her work is done and she is a constant student of the sport.  Her encouragement and never-say-die attitude made this decision an easy one.  Dana can be most often found in our 5:45am class, getting her swole on before the sun comes up. We as coaches love Dana’s enthusiasm towards others and we are very proud to say she represents Rocktown CrossFit.  As an athlete, a mother and a person, they don’t get much better than Dana Baker!  And have you seen her arms?  Guns Blazin!


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