Workouts for the Week May 1st-6th

Monday, May 1st Strength Split Jerks 3-2-2-1-1-1   Workout 4 Rounds 15 Deadlifts (185/135) 15 Toes to Bar (20 Abmat … [Read more...]

Front Squat Friday

Friday, July 25th Strength: Front Squat 3 Rep Max then 1x3@95% 1x3@90% Workout: 3 Rounds for Time 20 Shoulder Touches (5 Wall … [Read more...]

What’s your Frantasy

Thursday, July 24th Fran (dun dun dunnnnn): 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65) Pullups Strength: Open Jim Open GYM. Be nice to Jim, he didn't … [Read more...]

When you do the dishes…

don't forget to clean the plates.   Wednesday, July 23rd Strength: Find a 2 Rep Max Hang Clean, then 2x2@90% 4xMax Effort Toes … [Read more...]

You’ll never guess…

IT'S SQWATS LOL Tuesday, July 22nd Strength: Back Squat 3 Rep Max then 1x3@95%, 1x3@90% Workout: 30 Box Jump Overs 30 … [Read more...]

Not like a mean crack dealer, but like… like a nice one.

  A message from our local tame racing driver, The Stig  Trevor: "As CrossFitters we push ourselves constantly, we try to live outside our … [Read more...]

Do not just accept challenges

...but beg for them. Wednesday April 9th Strength: 5x1 Hang Clean: Work to a True 1 Rep Max Testing: (Write these down, they will be on … [Read more...]

When the cat’s away…

...the mice will run! Sorry we didnt mention this sooner but this week we will be doing a lot of testing...both skill and some lifts.  If you miss … [Read more...]

Viva Las Vegas

Monday, April 7th Strength: 7X1 Hang Snatch (just above knee) – work to a max for the day   Workout “Helen” 3 rounds for time … [Read more...]