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Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

You’ll notice the next 6 weeks we will be squatting Mon, Wed, and Friday.  I’ve programmed to pathways on those days for those of you looking for soemthing other than squats can fill the void.  I ask that you pick one or the other, nothing else unless we have discussed it with you.  You can go either route given the day, you don’t have to pick one and stick to it.  For those of you doing the squat cycle, the first 3 sets should be your warmup and then give yourself at least 12min to get through the 6 sets…they will be tough…but I can assure you it works, I’ve been testing this one out and its been challenging but also rewarding…here’s to thick thighs and big bi’s before memorial day!


Monday, April 6th


Back Squat

1×5 @ 50%

1×5 @ 60%

1×5 @ 70%

6×2 @ 80%


800m Run

2min rest

400m run

2min rest

400m run

1min rest

200m run (track total time for the running complex)



10min cap


Overhead Squats (115/75)

Toes to Bar (knee tucks)