Better Late

For all of those who donated to the Rack Rescue…our team from the Women’s Center recently dropped by to pick up their check from Lauren.  They were again blown away by the support and money raised by the event and I would be lying if I didn’t say it feels damn good to see that money go back into our community here in Harrisonburg.  Thank you all for your help and raising the funds…$3,000, all of which will go towards women who need mammograms but cannot afford them.rack rescue

Wednesday, December 10th


Front Squat 8×4 @ 70-80% (again, heavier than last time)


10 minutes to work up to a Heavy Snatch (same rules as Monday)

Then (QUICK transition)

8minutes of every minute on the minute of Snatch Balance +2 Overhead Squats at 80% of the Snatch number you hit during the 10 minutes.


As Many Rounds as Possible in 8min

10 Push Press (115/75)

15 Box Jumps