Bodyweight Bonanza

A few notes this evening-

-As it gets warm, bring a sweat towel or invest in some sweat bands.  Chalk will not be your friend once your hands get wet.  The chalk will cause friction and friction will cause your hands to tear…your best bet is a sweat towel or some bands, once they get wet their is no going back!

-Hence forth, the 10’s and 15’s are not to be dropped from anywhere above the waste.  We have spoken with the manufacturer and this is the reason they are getting destroyed.  If you cannot control your barbell enough to bring it down you probably have too much weight as is.  The jury is out on how much the burpee reward will be but it will be published on the white board.  Thank you for understanding.

-If you take a barbell/plates outside, please pull a mat out to drop them on.  Again, the pounding on the asphalt is causing our bigger plates to crack as well…be good to them.

-If you drop a barbell with a heavy load, please drop it evenly…not doing so causes a lot of force on one side and is the cause of the rings inside the plate to come loose….bottom line be in control.

-Please take a minute once you finish working out to clean up any sweat or chalk trail you may have left.  Everyone does a pretty good job of this but nobody wants to do pushups or situps in your sweat 🙂

Thank you all for understanding, we want these weights to last a long time and with 10+ breaking in the past month it gets expensive quick replacing them.  Don’t forget Yoga Thursday night at 7:15…If you are currently in PEAK feel free to join!


Thursday, June 5
Open Gym

TBT (reference Jan. 17th)
10 min:
7 Burpees
14 Ball Slams
21 Abmat Situps