Bringing Sexy Back

We have a huge group starting the advocare 24 day challenge this Monday…good luck to all of you!  Stay strong!

I can’t stress enough the following statement : Scaling is the norm, not the exception.  If you are still in your first month with us or have taken some time off, scaling is important.  Not only is it most likely in your best interest from a safety perspective, but its also most likely going to allow you to push harder during the workout, thus getting the best results.  Getting that “rx” badge by your name isn’t worth getting hurt or staring at your bar for 10 minutes because its too heavy to pick up…Bottom line: be smart, and listen to your coaches.

Olympus 2 will be every Tuesday night at 7:15… we need at least 6 for it to run.  Signup is beside the computer.

Monday, January 6th


20 Min to establish a 1 Rep Max Power Clean


3 Rounds for Time

10 Front Squats (185/135)

50 Double Unders

15 Pullups