Don’t forget this Saturday at 7pm we will be celebrating the end of the semester with our students as well as welcoming spring into the valley…see you at the Capital Ale House at 7pm!

Mondays workout will be in celebration of Baby Bried…while you’re out this weekend grab a pack of diapers to donate to Rahul and Jen as they begin their journey into parenthood.  Diapers do not need to be newborn, a variety is welcome as they will need them down the road as much as they need them now.  Thank you for considering, we will collect these throughout Monday and provide them to Jen and Rahul later next week.

Wednesday, April 22nd


Back Squats

1×5 @ 50%

1×5 @ 60%

1×3 @ 70%

6×2 @ 80%


3xMax Effort Strict Toes to Bar/L Holds

3×15 Hollow Rocks

3×20 Russian Twist



3 Rounds

3 Power Snatch (155/105)

2 Rounds of Cindy (5 Pullups/10 Pushups/15 Squats)

*Borrowed from Crossfit New England