Coach: Dana

Dana Baker

 Dana Baker

Tell us a little about yourself
 I am a Mom of 2, Gable 4 years and Dagen 2 years. I live here in Harrisonburg with my husband Beau. When I’m not with my children I love spending my free time at The Rock, that is my play ground!

Describe your first CrossFit experience?
My first real CF workout the very first 5:45am class ever held at The Rock. I was very nervous about going and to be honest if I didn’t make plans to car pool that day it may never had happened. I knew there was another person depending on me so I didn’t have a choice but to follow thru with it.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. There were a lot of things about CF that scared me but on that first day  I knew I was surrounded by a compassionate group of people that made us all believe that nothing was impossible to achieve with a little hard work.

What made you come back?
It wasn’t hard to come back the next morning, I was actually really excited about it.  I would have to say that the people is what made me keep coming and looking forward to it.  It was an environment that I felt like the coaches and fellow atheletes truly cared and listened to you. I knew I was’t the strongest or fastest but got the same or more encouragement as the ones that were.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
 I have been doing CrossFit since January of 2013.

What is your favorite signature CrossFit workout?
 My favorite signature workout would be Murph so far……..maybe because it was a Holiday and The Rock was PUMPING! Don’ t get me wrong it was super hard and challenging but the place was packed with atheletes working hard and spectators cheering louder than the music that was blarring. It was unforgettable!

What do you enjoy most when coaching CrossFit?
 I love seeing athletes working hard to achieve a goal and seeing the look on their face when that happens is an amazing feeling.  It just proves to me that nothing is impossible with a little hard work!

Whats your favorite non-paleo treat?
 OMG……..that is a hard question for me to answer! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sugar addict……….I LOVE desserts! I eat dark chocolate almonds way more than any one person should, but I also have a huge weakness for anything made with cream cheese icing (I could name 100 different things that involve cream cheese icing)!  I have to stop thinking about this question right now because it is late and I have been known to go out for a sweet treat in the middle of the night!

If someone asked you “what is CrossFit?” what would you tell them?
 I think about this and get ask this question a lot. CrossFit is a blend many different things, and it never gets boring. The workout and movements are forever changing. It’s a workout that is for every type of person and body type, big, small, atheletic, a person who has never worked out.  It is also perfect for a person that has any type of limitation, there isn’t a movement that can’t be modified to suit anyone. It is a place that you can set goals, achieve those goals and feel amazing in the process.

In your own words, describe Rocktown CrossFit
Rocktown CrossFit is a place I can call home. . . .  I love going there and spending time with my “family” !  It is a place  where everyone has a special bond, a true sisterhood and brotherhood forms at The Rock.   It makes everyone feel like nothing is impossible.  We have a great team dynamic which is amazing to have!  When you are in the middle of a workout and your not sure you can finish, then you hear cheers and encouragement it really helps push you through til the end.  I have seen many athletes find a inner strength that they never knew they had while at The Rock. . . . .myself included.  We are a compassionate group of people working together to make great things happen!  Nate and Lauren have done an amazing job making The Rock an amazing adult playground!

Anything else? 3…2…1… (free space, say whatever you want) 
I can honestly say that The Rock has changed my life,  I was under weight when I started and thought that was what I wanted.  I can now look in the mirror and see more than just a skinny person and like having curves and some muscle.  I have achieved so many things that I never thought was possible for myself.  Never in a million years did I think I could do a kipping pull up much less string some together.  I could make a list of things a mile long of things that I can do that never thought possible. . . . . the moral of the story is if I can do it ANYONE can! I love going to The Rock every day seeing strong, healthy people work together achieving daily accomplishments.  Sometimes the smallest ones are the greatest!