Coach: Lauren

Lauren Coverstone – Owner

Lauren CoverstoneTell us a little about yourself

I came to James Madison University for college, fell in love with Harrisonburg, and have been here ever since.  I’m a little quirky, a little stubborn, a little OCD (I know-you’re shocked, right?), a little nerd-like, and a little competitive.  I love to work hard….but only so I can play hard too:)  Life’s too short for anything else.

Describe your first CrossFit experience?

My first “real” CrossFit experience involved the following 3 moves:  power cleans, pullups, and pistols.   All I remember was trying to 1. look like I knew what a power clean was, 2. keep the EXTREME anxiety I was having on the pullups to a minimum, and 3. just get myself up from the pistols anyway I could.   Basically it was a 12 minute blur 🙂  My legs were already cramped and moving like they had a mind of their own before I even got back home.  Basically, it was love at first sight.

What made you come back?

It’s a toss-up between:

1. The humbling reality check of “thinking you are in shape” and then getting your a$$ absolutely handed to you in a 12 minute workout.

2. Being more sore than I had been in 6 years…and I work in the fitness industry.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Unofficially, about 2 years.  Officially, or in a CrossFit gym, since June 18, 2012.  Yep, love at first sight was sooo good I even have a crossfitversary.

What is your favorite signature CrossFit workout?

A nice long chipper that includes handstand pushups, overhead squats, double unders and running.

What do you enjoy most when coaching?

Of course I enjoy the obvious-seeing people reach goals on the daily that they didn’t think possible.  But my favorite thing about coaching is watching someone get a skill for the first time when they don’t realize you are watching.  It’s that sheer unfiltered excitement of “I DID A PULLUP!” or “I JUST STRUNG 5 DOUBLE UNDERS TOGETHER!” for the very first time.  Then they immediately swirl around with the “please tell me someone just saw that” look, and I can stand across the room beaming like a proud mom.  Because I did see it 🙂

What’s your favorite non-healthy treat?

Currently, ice cream sandwhiches and donuts(in doubles of course).

If someone asked you “What is CrossFit?” how would you explain it to them?

CrossFit is the biggest emotional roller coaster you will ever ride.  Some days you come in and leave absolutely exhilarated-you feel strong, fast, and hit every single toes to bar.  And then some days you come in feeling slow, weak, and totally defeated.   But at the end of the day, it’s a workout.  And you get out what you put in.  But it’s hard not to put in everything you have when you are surrounded by a great group of people that are not only your friends, but people who push you beyond physical limits you thought possible.

Everyone asks me “what’s so great about CrossFit?”, and I truly think you need to experience it first hand to understand what’s so great.

In your own words, describe Rocktown CrossFit:

The Rock is beyond anything I could have ever expected.  It’s a dream I was hesitant to pursue-but thankful every day I did.  It’s a gym that has got heart and soul running deep in it’s veins-from the coaches and the members.  It’s a group of people that make me count my blessings everyday they were brought into my life.  It’s a driving force for 15 minutes of my day when I need it most.