December Athlete of the Month: Trevor Parmer

December 2013: The Silent Assassin

His bite is much more powerful than his bark…don’t let this athlete sandbag you, he is much more proficient than he puts on to be!

trev aotm2Meet Trevor!

Tell us about yourself-

I’m Trevor Parmer, I’ll be 42 on January 25th, I attended Eastern Mennonite High School and graduated from EMU in ’94 with a BS in Liberal Arts and Business Administration. Before that I grew up in Augusta Country living primarily south of Waynesboro and even spent a few years on top of Afton Mountain. I’ve made the last 17 years of my career with BB&T Insurance Services where I specialize in designing and implementing Employee Benefit programs, so yes, healthcare reform has rocked my world. In addition to BB&T I own a small motorsports graphics company called VBD Graphics which is slowly transforming in to VBD Motorsports including some road racing, a race car rental program and I provide high performance driving instruction. I’ve found going fast and mastering the perfect lap in a race car is similar to putting the pieces together that result in that feeling you get when you crush a difficult workout. Saving the best for last, and if you are my friend on Facebook you undoubtedly know, I have two boys, Max age 15 and Simon who is 12. These guys keep me on the move but continue to teach me more about life than they learn from me and I love them more than they may ever know. Hopefully you’ll see them around the Rock at some point in the not too distant future.

How long have you been doing CrossFit-

I began CrossFit about nine months ago. I never had formal weight training before Rocktown and I was not actively exercising at the time and hadn’t been for about a year. So yea, I was pretty intimidated that first couple of weeks outta PEAK.

When/what was your “CrossFit moment” or have you had one? (the one where you think you may actually die)

When I joined CrossFit it was for a variety of reasons; dating a CrossFitter, my tux didn’t fit me anymore (now it’s too big) and I simply didn’t like how I felt physically. I questioned if CrossFit was the answer I was looking for. I’m not really going to answer the question as asked…. Instead I will let you know about a couple of my breakthroughs. First, we were doing tire flips as part of the strength component and after two rounds with the second biggest tire it was suggested (I think by Frank, Wayne maybe Sean) that I do the last set with the heaviest one. I replied “I can’t,” and they said, “yes, you can, just lean over, lift and flip it!” I did five flips in a row. Another time involved Wayne again, I was on my last rep of 500 meters on the rower and hovered around a 2:08 pace, Wayne (who had been done for what seemed like ten minutes) knelt beside me and pushed me until I got to a 1:58 pace to finish the workout. I didn’t think it was possible and it wouldn’t have been without being pushed, but I did it. There are more (first time I did unassisted pull-ups for an entire workout, or handstand push ups with only one mat….), but those two really stick out for me as defining moments. A more literal response to your question is that about once every three weeks I feel like I’m puke after workout…

What are your favorite crossfit movements?

This is evolving for me. I recognize I’m not the strongest person at our gym so I tend to like seeing some skills and cardio on the board. Box jumps, wall-walks, running, sit-ups (now that I’ve discovered Glide…), and dare I say even wall-balls and burpees suit me well. I did gymnastics as a little kid, maybe these moves make me feel young(ish) again. As I get stronger I’m also liking skills on the rig.

What movement makes you look at the whiteboard want to walk back out the door?

Two things; anything with 30+ double-unders between reps at 3:1 or heavy overhead weights. I’m now forced to get DUs because of the February SuperFit Games so I’ll get over that, but when heavy weight show up in a workout and I end up being significantly under Rx discourages me. However, let me say that because of how CrossFit “works,” I don’t ever feel like I can’t do a workout and I don’t choose to skip a day based on the workout.

What are your goals?

I’ve only recently pondered this question as it relates to CrossFit. I have goals in all other areas of my life and when I started this, as mentioned before, I wasn’t sure how long I’d stick around so it’s taken me a while to get my head around why I do it three to five times a week. Initially, I simply didn’t want to look an average, cubby 40 year old salesman. I feel like I achieved that in my first six months going from being uncomfortable in a 34 waist to now wearing 32s and they are loose. And my boobs don’t bounce when I go up and down stairs quickly… Now, after declaring I’d never compete, I have set small goals; get double-unders by the middle of January for SuperFit, continue to develop kipping pull-ups (for speed) and HSPUs (for Rx), beat my previous times on benchmark workouts and PR every time we do a I RM. For now that seems to be enough, when I plateau I’ll reset those goals. By the way, I did “PR” at two race tracks this year by setting my personal best lap records. I can say without a doubt that being in better physical shape and stronger played a significant role in this achievement.

What motivates you to continue to come back?

Three things; a) the way I feel compared to before CrossFit, b) the way I see myself in the mirror compared to before CrossFit and c) I look forward to seeing the friends I’ve made at Rocktown. Plus I know everyone can relate with this, there isn’t much in a given day that compares to satisfaction I feel when I leave the gym after completing a workout that 10 months ago I would never imaged I was capable of.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

It is interesting how much my diet has changed since I started at the Rock. I used to eat like s@#t! I used to eat a gallon of ice cream a week, chicken wings and burgers once a week (each, haha), etc and now, even thought I’ll occasionally have some beers and wings, I don’t necessarily enjoy those foods. This is more shocking to me than even those that have known me for long time, trust me. So I’d have to say when I do cheat it usually involves a decadent multi-course dinner with lots of alcohol. I’m a pretty indulgent person and sometimes I like to have a cocktail, then several courses of rich food, wine pairings and definitely finished off with a stupid-good desert. And about a third of the time it’ll be something I prepare as I enjoy being forced to slow down and enjoy the process of cooking as much as enjoying good food with great company. By the way, I have to call Ali out here; peanut butter! As a cheat meal? Goodness, I already thought you were created in a lab for some purpose unbeknownst to the rest of us because the speed with which you complete the workouts, but that confirmed it!

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

CrossFit is the mechanism, or vehicle, that has transformed me from the person I was in 2012 to who I have become in 2013 and part of who I strive to be moving forward. Obviously there are some other factors too, but so many of my behaviors have been influenced by this (nearly) daily activity like diet, confidence, pushing myself to greater limits/achievements in other areas of my life, and the Rock is a physical place where as I walk through the door I know I can be myself surrounded by great supportive people. No matter what’s going on that day or in my life I know I’ll feel better when I walk out after the workout.

Free write-

Thank you to the coaches and the people of Rocktown. Seems like each month the AOM gives a shout-out to their peeps they typically workout with and I’ll be no different; the Nooners are great, I look forward to seeing you every day. Some of you have meant so much to me for saying just the right thing one day, complimenting me or pushing me though a barrier in a workout. If I failed to say thank you, and I probably have, consider this part for you and I apologize. I have to thank Terri for getting me here in the first place and for your continued support even if the other day you said, “honestly, I wasn’t sure you’d keep doing CrossFit…” Haha. I wasn’t either and don’t feel bad as Nate said the same thing! After the first of the year I will have to travel more for my career so even though I may do a little more hopping from class to class, I’ll continue to show up, continue to meet amazing people, continue to evolve as a CrossFitter, continue to be sore and nauseous, and continue to frikin love every minute of it!

Lastly, I’m sincerely humbled by being nominated as the December Athlete of the Month. Matter of fact, and you can ask the coaches, my initial response was “are you sure?” I said this because I respect everyone that does this stuff on a regular basis and while I do appreciate the recognition I recognize how many other crazy talented and dedicated athletes we have in our gym and I continue to learn and excel by watching you. Here’s to all of you and Happy New Year – Cheers!

A Note from the Rocktown Staff-

Not that I ever doubt any athlete that walks through our doors…but in Trevor’s earliest days, we did not always know if he would become the athlete he is today…and I was wrong.  To see his transformation has been remarkable, not just in the weight he has lost or the skills he has achieved, but his attitude, positive energy and how well he treats everyone at the Rock has been simply awesome.  Trevor is part of our lunch crew…typically walks through the door in a ballin’ suit, but don’t let that fool you…he is there to work.  I can recall Trevor early on telling me that he “wasn’t much of a competitor” but given his track record in racing and to hear him share stories I knew deep down there was a fire waiting to be lit, and with that I can’t wait to see him and Rex compete this February in their first SuperFit competition.  Trevor, you have grown into a great athlete…your consistency and aspirations to get better have paid off and your kindness to those around you is something we should all try to model ourselves after…your boys have a great role model and should be proud to call you dad.  Thank you for making the Rock your home and I look forward to what 2014 has in store for you!

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