“Everyone has a plan ’til they get hit.”

Mike Tyson said that. I’m not sure if it was after he won or lost. It doesn’t matter. The wisdom stands. We all make plans. Rarely do those plans play out the way we assume.  To ability to take that first punch that your workout throws you and keep on moving is what we like to call mental toughness.  So the next time you get hit…bite down hard…bare it and punch right back!

Wednesday, Sept. 18
Strength-20 min
50 pistols (25 each leg)
30 barbell rollouts
Overhead Squats:
5 reps @55% 1rep max
5 reps @65% 1rep max
5 reps @75% 1rep max
5+ reps @85% 1rep max    (this last set is just like we did with the wendler)

8 min Ladder:
Toes to bar
Front Rack Lunges (115/75) – each lunge counts as a rep….it’s not that many each leg 🙂