February 2013: The Baker

Tall Socks….Full Heart…..CAN’T LOSE!

reneeMeet Renee!

Tell us about yourself:

I’m Renee Good Whitmore, a 30-year old Realtor at Old Dominion Realty.  I am married to Mike Whitmore and we live with our 2 crazy dogs in Keezletown.  I went Spotswood HS and graduated from James Madison University in 2004.  I love to bake… especially cupcakes!

How Long Have You Been Doing Crossfit?

I began CrossFit in January when Rocktown CrossFit opened its doors… literally, I was there for the very first workout!

When/what was your “crossfit moment” or have you had one? (the one where you think you may actually die)

I don’t know that I have had a true crossfit moment, but the closest would have been our Valentine’s Day partner workout.  The accountability of having a partner makes you work so much harder than you normally would.  I didn’t want to let my partner, Shawn, down.  We had a total of 100 burpees to complete between the two of us at the very end of our workout… not to mention hundreds of reps of other exercises that we had already done.  After my first 20 burpees, I wanted to quit. Period.  Thankfully, my workout buddy was there to coax me to keep going and to get through them one at a time.  Needless to say, 30 more burpees later and a 200 meter run to end it all, nearly sent me over the edge.  I was spent, mentally and physically!  I was so exhausted that I totally screwed up Valentine’s Dinner for my husband when I got home… on a side note, he loves my cooking even if it’s a little burned!

What Keeps You Coming Back?

I keep coming back for several reasons.  #1 is the support and camaraderie from the coaches and other athletes!  Hands down, this is what sets Rocktown CrossFit apart from any other gym that I have ever gone to.  The other reasons that I come back day after day is to reach my personal goals.  Rocktown helps me to do this by pushing me beyond what I would accomplish on my own.  I feel great after putting 110% into each workout, and the pride that I feel keeps me coming back for more!

Favorite Crossfit Movement:

I love when I see push presses on the board.  I am not sure what it is, but I really like seeing how much weight or how many reps I can get overhead.  But really… I like anything that pushes me, except burpees… I really don’t like burpees.

What movement makes you look at the white board and want to walk back out the door?

Duh!  Burpees… they must be a practical joke of the crossfit devil.  They simply SUCK!  They wear me down.  Fast.  They are a full body movement that just take everything that I have.  Even after just 10 burpees, I am spent, I shut down.  I guess this just means that I should do more of them.

What are your goals?

My goals are ever changing.  In the beginning I just wanted to drop a few pounds and tone up a little.  As I progress in crossfit, this goal comes as a secondary effect from achieving and working on my new goals – which has been an ever growing list!  My focus has moved to mastering techniques that I am novice to.  I want to be able to string double-unders together, flawlessly.  I want to be able to do handstand push-ups without help getting into or staying in a handstand.  I want to be able to do unassisted pull-ups. I want to be able to perform toes-to-bar.  Most of all, I want as many workouts as possible, and overall just get better at everything – that’s not too much to ask, right?!

Crossfit in Your Own Words:

Crossfit is basically a kick ass workout.  There is no question that the work that you put into a 15+/- minute workout will whoop you harder than an hour of a normal workout.

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

Rocktown Crossfit is NOT a “box” where we “WOD.”  It’s more than a crossfit gym.  Granted the physical space looks, feels, smells, sounds, acts like a gym.  It’s more of a community.  Once you witness one workout you will see that it is family, support, friends, encouragement, lots of effort, hard work and fun.  Everyone is there to succeed in their fitness & health goals, and to encourage & inspire others along the way.  A defining moment at Rocktown is the moment when you have the one person working to finish their workout surrounded by EVERYONE else cheering them on as they finish their last few exercises – we cheer more for the last finisher than for the person that finishes first.  Where else can you get that motivation?

Free Write…3…2…1…GO!

I have been working out at some level for over 7 years (whether it was DVD’s, women’s fitness, treadmills, classes  or running).  Crossfit has given me more results in just one month than any other workout regimen that I have tried.  I have lost a few inches, can see muscles & definition, and clothes are fitting differently.  The coaches and other athletes have pushed me to do more reps, more weight, and to do it just a little faster than what I would have done on my own.  They help to motivate me to do better than I would ever think that I can do.  They celebrate with you when you achieve your goals. I remember seeing Lauren do handstand pushups several months ago, and I thought to myself, “I’d never be able to do that… that’s crazy!”  Now after a few weeks at Rocktown, the impossible seems possible.  I know that eventually the items that I have put on my goals list WILL be things that I conquer, and I have a great community that will cheer me on along the way.

A Note from the Rocktown Staff:

Has Renee made us cupcakes?  Yes…..Will that make you athlete of the month?  Not a chance!  While Renee may be known for extraordinary skills with the oven and pan, she is known at The Rock as one of the hardest working individuals that comes through our doors.  No matter what time slot Renee frequents, it’s sure to be with a smile on her face and enough energy to motivate the rest of the class.  Renee always has a positive attitude towards every workout and movement….even if it’s burpees.  One of my favorite characteristics of Renee is that she can name every person from every class and even when she has finished a workout she will be the first to go cheer on a fellow classmate.  Renee has also been bitten by the double under bug (literally at times) and you can find her staying after class on a daily basis practicing all the skills she is wanting to accomplish….and I can assure they will be here before you know it.  Renee, thank you for being such a great ambassador to the crossfit community, to Rocktown CrossFit, and we are so proud and honored to have you as a member. Congratulations on being our February Athlete of the Month!


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