February 2015 Athlete of the Month

February 2015: The Nor’easter

Baggy T-Shirts, Crazy Hair, and Mis-Matched socks….the perfect storm

megMeet Meg!

Tell us about yourself (name, age, education, family, work, etc.)

My name is Meg Dmuchowski and I am 21 years old. I am a senior at JMU studying health sciences. After I graduate I hope attend a Graduate program to be an Occupational Therapist. I am originally from New Jersey where I live with my Mom, Dad, and older sister.

How long have you been doing crossfit?

I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half now. I started back in NJ and out in Colorado before coming to the Rock.

When/what was your “crossfit moment” or have you had one? (the one where you think you may actually die)

There of course have been many times that I have found myself panting on the floor after completing a workout but there are 2 distinct ones that I remember thinking I was going to collapse after. Jakob’s Athlete of the Month workout stands out as one of those workouts and more recently the 2nd workout of the SuperFit SEC Competition.

What are your favorite crossfit movements?

My favorite CrossFit movement is cleaning, which should make my mom laugh since it is probably my least favorite thing to do outside the gym.

What movement makes you look at the white board and want to walk back out the door?

Rowing, snatching, and Handstand Pushups

What are your goals?

My goals are to continue to get better, especially with the technique of the lifts specifically clean & jerk and snatch. I also want to get faster at handstand pushups in workouts.

What motivates you to continue coming back?

The people. The people are what continue to motivate me to come back to the Rock even when it’s freezing cold out or early in the morning because the encouragement and support that everyone brings to the Rock. Also, participating in competitions encourages and motivates me to get back in the gym and work on my weaknesses. I have played sports competitively all my life and really missed being on a team, coming into the gym surrounded by people who want you to lift a few more pounds or master a new skills makes me feel like I am back on team again.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

I have the biggest sweet tooth. So any dessert is my favorite, especially ice cream and froyo ☺

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

To me Rocktown is my home away from home. Rocktown is a family. You can see the support we give one another whether it be during a tough workout or when someone is having a tough day. We are more than just workout buddies and you can see that when you go downtown and you see groups of Rocktowners hanging out in real clothes…shocker; or when someone posts in the Facebook group that they need help with something and instantly there are a bunch of comments. You can see the sense of community when there are events like the Rocktown Rack Rescue and SuperFit Competitions and the whole place is filled with blue and green colors.

Free Write: (anything you want to say about trainers/facilities/other athletes/etc)

When I first started CrossFit I didn’t think I was strong enough to do it, but if you put in enough time, dedication and don’t fear being whipped by a jump rope a few hundred times trying to get double unders; anyone can do it. I missed being on a team and CrossFit has fulfilled that void for me. To everyone who’s name appears on that white board: Thank you for pushing me everyday to become better, whether it be chasing your time, adding a few extra pounds to the bar, or trying a new skill. To the coaches, thank you for making this gym what it is. For taking the extra time to work on us with our form, holding extra training sessions so we can prepare for competitions, and offering extra classes like Barbell and Yoga to work on our weaknesses. Thank you for helping us transform from the athletes we were, are, and will become. The time and effort that you spend with us as athletes is only helping us become better.

A Note from the Rocktown Staff:

I will always Meg as the girl in the back corner at 5:45am her first semester at Rocktown.  What started as a very quiet and timid college student has blossomed into a strong and athletic young lady.  Its been awesome watching you improve across the board…from gymnastics to your lifting, they are always moving in the right direction.  This is Meg’s 2nd run at the crossfit open while last year she “hoped” to complete the workouts, this year we know she will and will hold her own very well.  One of my favorite moments was Meg had been with us for a few months and would wear what looked like Adult Male t shirts to the gym.  Finally, as the weather warmed up she comes in sporting a fitted tank top and Laurens comment was “Meg, you’ve been hiding under those T shirts, you need more tank tops!” her laugh and smile was priceless, and there aren’t many days you don’t see that when Meg comes in to work out.  Congratulations Dmuchowski, the thought of you leaving this spring will be sad for all of us, but I hear JMU has an excellent Masters program! 🙂