For a big number of you, this is game week!  The SuperFit East Coast championship is coming up this weekend and for those of you competing make sure you are rested and hydrated as we get closer to the weekend!  Lets hit the ground running as we kick off the first week of February.  Shirts are in so if you need some Rocktown freshness for next weekend, hit us up.

Also, if you are sick…please do not come to the gym.  You are not impressing anyone and you are putting others at risk.  The flu is spreading like wildfire through JMU right now so please just stay at home, you are not doing your body any favors working out when your immune system is busted.


Monday, February 2nd


Back Squat 2×10

Max Effort L-Sits x 3-4



Mini Fran


Thrusters (115/75)

Chest to Bar Pullups

15min Cap