Getting Started


Step 1: Come by and try a class.

The first one is free and we will scale the workout to fit any level of fitness, even if you haven’t worked out in a long time!

Step 2: Schedule your PEAK training.

getting started 2
This is our beginner’s class where you will learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit. Length of PEAK is based on the individual but must be completed before moving on to joining a class.  If you have previously done CrossFit you will not be required to do PEAK as long as you can show us you know what you’re doing



Step 3: CrossFit Class.

Getting Started 1

Upon graduating from PEAK you will be free to attend any of our regular classes…this doesn’t mean you are a professional but you will know enough to keep you safe and begin your journey.

Coaches will regularly ask our new athletes, “what are your goals?” These goals will often dictate how we scale the workouts for you…want to get stronger? Maybe a little more weight will be encouraged. Wanting to lose weight? Maybe lighter weight and increased work capacity.

Our goal as a gym to make you the best athlete possible…showing up is half the battle, make it through the door and we will take care of the rest!

Interested? Just drop us a line.

“The magic is in the movement,
the art is in the programming,
the science is in the explanation 

and the fun is in the community”

getting started 3