Congratulations to all of our members for surviving PEAK.  I’m sure some of you would never thought you would be cleaning a bar or doing a pullup but here we are 12 days later ready to take on whatever is in front of you.  Next week we will be back to our normal schedule and classes will last an hour…that being said, BE ON TIME.  There will be a 5 burpee penalty for every minute you are late…no gas, stop lights, kids, pets, trains, alarm clocks…we all have them so please don’t come with an excuse, if you don’t want to do the burpees be on time.  We are very proud that not only have you all embraced the crossfit movements but you have embraced the sense of community that comes with it, there isn’t a class throughout the day that it doesn’t show up at The Rock.

We will say, tomorrows review we will be hitting some of our movements hard before you tackle that big squishy ball so be on time, get loose and lets get it!

Friday February 1st

35 Wall Balls

40 Double Unders (120 singles)

25 Wall Balls

30 DU

15 Wall Balls

20 DU

5 Wall Balls

10 DU