Happy Birthday!

birthday One year ago today…most of you weren’t 100% sure what you were getting in to.  In all honesty, neither were we.  I knew what I wanted it to look like, I knew what it should feel like, I just really wanted to be able to convey that to each of you.  I had experienced the good in CrossFit…the changes it had made to me and some of my friends and that good was what I wanted to bestow upon those who came through our doors.  We had formed a team that would help us mold the rock into the CrossFit gym we had hoped it would be…and a year later I couldn’t be happier.  It didn’t come without growing pains for sure, and I feel sorry for some of the classes that probably got the crazy Nate in our earlier days, but lessons come in all forms and I’m glad that all of you put up with me throughout those times!  It’s been a fast year, but for me it’s been nothing short of amazing.  When I look back at all we have done, all we have put back on our athletes you always answer the call and 100% believe in the process.  Without you none of this would exist.  While the Rock continues to bless me in so many ways, I hope it does the same for you…not just in the realm of fitness…but in the friendships it has created, the relationships that have grown, the things we have learned about ourselves and what our bodies are capable of…and most importantly that if the bathroom door is shut that means somebody is probably in there 🙂birthday 2

I’m very thankful for our coaches, as I ask a lot of them and they work very hard to become the best coaches they can be.  Some of you may not have had the opportunity to meet Chris and Evelyn, but if not for them PEAK wouldn’t be PEAK (and we wouldn’t reach for the sprinkles at the bottom of our Samson stretch)…they were both great coaches and are deeply missed but I’m sure they are enjoying all the fresh powder in Colorado!  Most of all I want to thank Lauren.  She has let me brainwash her into thinking the word “wod” is as ridiculous as it sounds, made me love double unders, and introduced me to campus cookie!  But more importantly, she is always a great voice of reason.  If not for her we’d probably be making the girls clean 135lbs everyday (she ask what the workout is, then immediately how much weight….when silence follows I know it’s too much).  She’s a great workout partner, business partner and she’s my best friend…even if she can jump rope better than me 🙂birthday3

Year one is in the books, and we look forward to many more.  Thank you again for making the Rock your home, I hope you’re as proud to call it home as we are to call you family!

– Coach Nate Dawg




Tuesday, January 14th


The Rock 1.0

6 Rounds for Time

1 Clean and Jerk (205/135)

14 KB Swings (1.5/1)

13 Plate Burpees (35lb plate) (full extension on top of the plate)