It’s a Jungle Out There!


Ah the internet…a scary place.  Be careful what you read regarding advice in terms of fitness, diet, rest, chicken pox, etc.  If you have a question, come ask a coach.  And if its not something we are 100% sure about we will probably A) Tell you what we know from our experiences or B) Know of a Dr./Physician/Dietitian that can point you in the right direction.

On a side note, no laughing at Lauren’s 6th grade school picture…she begged her mom to let her wear that outfit!

Wednesday, August 7
Snatch (every Wednesday will be snatches or a make up day.  This is an “extra” lift we have added, so if you are going to miss one of the other main lifts,  make it up on this day)
5×65% (of your 90%)

2x400m run with 60s rest
2 min ME burpees

8 min Ladder:
Power Clean (115/85)
Wallball (20/14)