January 2013: The Heavy Sweater


and not the kind you wear when it’s cold.

Meet Chris!

My name is Chris Beahm 29 years old, Graduate of Bridgewater College, Married to Ashley Crowe-Beahm, have two great dogs Jett and MoMo, I work at VBS Mortgage helping people achieve their dream of owning a home.

How long have you been doing crossfit?

I tried crossfit for a month back in July, I have not done anything with CF since August, and regret it every day, I would be so much further along if I had continued.

When/what was your “crossfit moment” or have you had one?  (the one where you think you may actually die)

I would say that my “crossfit moment” came in the first week of Rocktown opening. I thought that since I had tried crossfit before I would have an advantage ( knowing what to expect this time). After the workout on the second day I was dead, my legs were like jello, I was breathing hard and still sweating thirty minutes after finishing the workout. I knew that whatever I had gained before in the month of Crossfit was lost and I had a lot of work to do.

What made you come back?

There are a couple things that make me want to come back. First I would say the people. From Lauren to Nate to Chris and Evelyn as trainers they are all awesome, they always push you to places you never thought you could go, and I never feel intimidated or discouraged from anyone. The community of people I get to work out with is amazing, everyone is cheering for each other, encouraging one another, giving high fives after finishing, it has that real community/team feeling, like we’re all in this together.

The other thing that makes me want to come back is the feeling I have when I complete a workout. I am exhausted, and gasping for air, but also feel great at the same time. I don’t really know how to explain it, other than I have more energy afterwards, I want to do more, go running, do another WOD later in the day, something to get that adrenaline pumping again. Knowing that I probably worked harder in that 10-12 minute workout than 70% of the people out there also makes me feel great! ( quote from Big Monkey Nathan Black)

What are your favorite crossfit movements?

I don’t know if I have a favorite crossfit movement yet. I do however really enjoy throwing stuff to the ground. After I have done 10 push press, or 10 power cleans, there’s nothing that feels better than the sound of the weights slamming to the ground.

What movement makes you look at the white board and want to walk back out the door?

I would have to say that if I see a workout with lots of running or Box jumps, I cringe. I don’t particularly like the running( probably cause I’m not good at it) and I Fear the box jumps, afraid that I will fall flat on my face.

What are your goals?

My goals are to lose some weight and feel better about myself. I want to get stronger and faster in my workouts. I want to see improvement over time. For example currently I have to do pull-ups with the band for assistance, I want to be able to a workout with pull-ups without the bands.

In your own words, what is crossfit?

Crossfit is a great community. It is people getting together and working out, encouraging each other, and having fun in a competitive atmosphere. Everyone is at a different fitness level and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are in the best shape of your life, or really overweight you are going to get a great workout in and feel great afterwards.

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

Rocktown crossfit is an awesome place to meet new people, and also a great place to get your ass kicked. You know each day that you go in there you are going to get a great workout in, Rocktown trainers won’t let you half ass it, they aren’t going to let you say you “cant” do something. It’s a great environment of people that all have one common goal, to be Awesome at whatever it is they do.

Free Write:

Rocktown Crossfit is an amazingly positive place to work out and get fit. If someone asks me why do you like crossfit, or what’s so great about it, my first response would be the people. Nathan and Lauren are great to work with, you can really tell that they have a true passion with this “gym” and to help you reach your maximum potential. Rocktown Crossfit is not your normal “gym”, a typical day at Rocktown might be filled with Fear in the beginning because you don’t like what you see for the WOD. Then you will have laughter, cause that person standing right beside you feels the exact same way. Then you have determination, while you are 5 minutes into the WOD struggling, yet keep going. And afterwards you have that since of accomplishment and everyone giving high fives for doing a great job and finishing. Where else can you go and workout and have all that in 40 minutes?

A note from the Rocktown Staff:

We felt a little biased when we first threw Chris’ name around as our first athlete of the month since he has been a friend of Nate’s since college but if you have seen the effort and hard work Chris has put in this first month you would know he 100% deserves it.  Since The Rock has been open Chris has been almost every day even during PEAK just to refine his movements and become a better athlete.  Chris can attest to the feeling of walking in a gym and feeling like you are under a microscope, but always know that this is not the norm…we are so glad Chris gave crossfit a second chance and I’m pretty sure his body will be too!  Chris, you have been a great ambassador of everything we stand for at Rocktown Crossfit and your hard work will pay off.  Keep embracing those 400m runs and you’ll be thanking god about your crossfit body again soon enough (he can share that inside story with you if he so chooses).  Every Athlete of the Month recipient will have the opportunity to create their own workout for all the members to complete during the following month, so we look forward to hearing what Chris has in store for everyone.