July 2015 Athlete of the Month

July 2015: The Ninja

The scarlet knight is not to be underestimated!

brown3Meet Andrew aka Brown.

In typical Brown fashion he did not submit the formal entry and decided to wing it into a jumbled mess…which is totally acceptable!

I am Brown. I do have a first name but Andrew was taken by three or four other guys in the gym so Brown was born…again.  I will be freaking out in two years when I hit 30 years young. Time is rollin’ by way too fast and keep telling myself your going to live to 120 so quit complaining 🙌.  Growing up in Harrisonburg was cool but I have always been itching to travel.  I settled down at THE Auburn University, after a quick year of playing baseball in Baltimore and majored in Industrial Design.  Both of my parents were Auburn grads, mom was on the swim team and swam with some Olympic greats including Rowdy Gaines, a three time gold medalist. My pops is a vet here in town and also taught vet school at Auburn.  So if you have a dead cow laying around and want to know how it died, I have a hook up. I am the oldest of three. My brother is in the Physician Assistant program at JMU and the sister is applying to P.A. School as we speak. I was recruited back to the Burg by my best mate, Jake from Steven Kia two years ago.  Now, I am working at Steven Toyota in the finance department. Prior to moving back, I was snowboarding 120 days out of the year in Vail, CO and dayum was it killer!!!


I have been doing crossfit for 1.5 years and I wanted to die twice.  First, there was 20 min of rowing for distance in a workout (whoever thought of that sux!) Second, when I did my first Superfit comp in Richmond with Hailey Simmons as my partner. Im cool with one comp after that, sorry Hailey.  My favorite moves in crossfit are handstand push-ups, the rings, push press, and (from all the practice being late to gym) burpees. Snatches and double unders would be my least favorite.  I keep coming back every morning because Ricardo Raymond’s arms are bigger than my bird like legs and that’s pathetic.  Far as a cheat meal goes I can crush a mean chicken burrito. Also, love me some chicken and waffles when I see it on a menu.  Shoutout to Roscos in LA! I think Rocktown Crossfit is a progressive jungle box that wicks every ounce of physical well being out of each participant everyday…I believe in it and love it! I would like to pay homage to all the coaches who are pushing everyone for that next rep and see to it that the bathroom light stays on while someone is in the shower next door. Keep on sweating. Cheers!

A note from the staff:

Brown…we would have you no other way buddy…late, disheveled and ready to get down!  The first night we met you was the night of the Christmas party…pretty sure you and JSoda ate 100 wings that night…but you assured us you would be at PEAK the following week (I’ll let you explain why you were delayed till the following month!).  The rest is history…proud of how hard you work day in and day out…you’re a pleasure to have at The Rock and your sense of humor keeps everyone smiling.  Thanks again for all you do and for making Rocktown your home.  Here’s to no head burns in 2015.


PS special shout out to Brown for putting Nate in touch with his hair stylist…modern fades for life!