Killing the Specialist






Angel, John, Chad and Jason after graduating from PEAK…Jason, no flexing!

CrossFit, as in life, teaches us that balance and moderation are key factors in determining our path toward achieving the highest possible standard of functional fitness. If you deviate off that path too much — toward an intense focus on just one or two particular components of fitness — you risk moving more toward specializing in specific movements and skills and further away from achieving a higher level of overall fitness. It’s great to effortlessly string together a dozen muscle-ups, but if you have the leg strength of a 5-year-old boy or, conversely, can squat the weight of a mini-bus but have the lung capacity of an 85-year-old asthmatic, you have strayed far off the path of greater fitness. -CrossFit Santa Cruz

Thursday, May 9th

As Many Reps As Possible In: 7min

7 pullups at the top of every minute

Squat clean thrusters the remaining time @ #115/75

*Score is total SCT completed*


30 Barbell Rollouts

Double Unders practice (or 100 if you’ve got them)