Lyia’s Masterpiece

Before we get to the athlete of the month…story time.

Heard a great story this weekend that referenced strength and weakness. When Bill Walsh became the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers he had the greatest QB of all time in Joe Montana, but no big receiver to spin the ball to. When the Niners were in Houston to play the Oilers, Bill was going over pregame procedures when he heard on TV that Jerry Rice from MISSISIPPI VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY had caught 5 touchdowns in a game against Tulane. Bill made a mental note of the name, and moved on. That spring at the NFL Combine Bill had one goal….to find a wide receiver to compliment Joe Montana. Bill skipped all the agility drills, the 40 yd dash, bench press etc. and showed up just in time for the route running section of drills. First up was Jerry Rice, who ran a perfect route, caught the ball and jogged down field to finish the play. Bill remembered Jerry’s 5 td’s that day in his hotel room. He stood up, closed his notes and flew back to San Francisco. On draft day, the 49ers traded two draft picks to move up and drafted Jerry Rice 16th overall from Division 1AA MVSU. People ridiculed Walsh for this decision but he knew things they did not. Coach Walsh didn’t care about the speed or size of Rice. He needed a receiver who could run perfect routes for his quarterback who could very effectively throw the football. Coach Walsh would tell his scouts…”I don’t care about their 40, their bench press….find out what they can’t do and that will be our deciding factor.” If a guy can squat 400lbs but can’t touch his toes, we have a problem. Apply this philosophy to your fitness. You can do 50 pullups unbroken but your squats haven’t improved? Spend more time with a barbell on your back, or make sure you are working with people who will push you to get stronger in that area. Can squat 400lbs but your gymnastics are weak? Make it a point of emphasis to work on your flexibility and your gymnasty…watch videos or ask a coach how to get better and spend more time on them. We all love to do things we are good at…it’s those who do things they are not good at that separates themselves from the pack.

Wednesday, January 28th

Lyia Shumeyko Athlete of the Month Workout

8min Ladder


Alternating Pistols (Goblet Squats 1.5/1)

Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Power Cleans (115/75)