May Athlete of the Month: Kelsey Craun

Athlete of the Month

May 2013: The Technical Wizard

Not the technical savy they are looking for at IBM, but when it comes to lifts it doesn’t get much more soundKelsey

Meet Kelsey!

Tell us about yourself (name, age, education, family, work, etc.)

My name is Kelsey Craun, and I’ll be 24 in a few weeks. I got my B.S. in Exercise Physiology from WVU and my M.S. in Exercise Science from JMU, and currently am working as a personal trainer.

How long have you been doing crossfit?

I just started CrossFit when The Rock opened this past January!  Although, I had been lifting for years prior to starting CrossFit.

When/what was your “crossfit moment” or have you had one? (the one where you think you may actually die)

I feel like I have “OMG this might kill me” moments like that on a weekly basis! You get out of the workouts what you put into them. They’re almost all equally sucky/awesome, haha.

What made you come back?

The challenge of it, and the “team” atmosphere – You’re all doing your own thing, but all in it together at the same time, and I really enjoy that. It takes me back to my days as a younger athlete :)

What are your favorite crossfit movements?

Cleans! Also handstand pushups, pull-ups, and box jumps.

What movement makes you look at the white board and want to walk back out the door?

ROWING. Oh my gosh… I can’t even describe how much I hate rowing.

What are your goals?

I want to get better at… pretty much everything, haha.  There’s always room for improvement!

More specifically, I’m signed up to do a team competition with Ali Fracasso in August, so I’m trying to get myself ready for that. I don’t want to let her down! I need to keep building my strength (especially on snatches and overhead squats), and get in better cardiovascular shape.

What motivates you to continue coming back?

It seems like I do something I’ve never done before almost on a weekly basis, whether it’s a lifting PR, or stringing together a certain number of pull-ups or double unders, or using a weight in a workout that I didn’t think I could do. The environment and energy there push and motivate me so much more than I was able to push myself in my own workouts, and I absolutely love it.

In your own words what is Rocktown Crossfit?

Rocktown Crossfit is one of my favorite places to be. It’s a place full of like-minded people who are always so supportive of each other. I’ve had some not-so-supportive people in my life in the past – the whole “oh that’s kind of manly…” thing – in terms of my fitness pursuits, but everyone at Rocktown has been the opposite, and I’m really grateful to have found that. I’ve never felt anything but encouragement from everyone there – coaches and other athletes in the classes with me, and I love that. There’s definitely a great sense of community knowing that you’re all working as hard as you can and you’re all suffering together, haha.

Free Write: (anything you want to say about trainers/facilities/other athletes/etc)

Having been a personal trainer for years, I’m pretty picky about whose coaching I will really take to heart, haha, but I cannot say enough great things about the all of the coaches I’ve had at Rocktown. Every coach I’ve had there has been knowledgeable, positive, attentive, and encouraging. You guys are awesome and have created an amazing place :)

A note from the Rocktown Staff:

Its been such a pleasure getting to know the quiet beast that is Kelsey Craun.  We really felt that in the past month you’ve really gone outside your box and taken your game to the next level.  Whether its been Handstand Pushups from a deficit, 41lb weighted pullups, or just heavy POWER cleans you’ve really turned it on.  If you get the chance to watch Kelsey perform olympic lifts in class….TAKE NOTES!  Her form is unbelievable and you can tell she has worked very hard to reach the level that she has.  As good as Kelsey is at lifting she continues to work on her weakness (she swears its running) and is always looking for feedback on all her lifts.  Another great moment is anytime her and her mother Karen are working out at the same hour…their encouragement for each other and post workout hugs are something I wish I had the opportunity to share with my parents and they are great examples of the camaraderie that Rocktown Crossfit strives to represent.  Congratulations Kelsey, and thank you for being a great ambassador of The Rock!

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