Meet The Coach: Chris Manning

cmannOver the next few months we will be highlighting each of the coaches at Rocktown Crossfit….Our first coach likes long walks on the beach, whole milk with his cookies, and can recite any line from The Notebook…..Chris Manning!

Tell us about yourself:

I’m an Aries, I’m the best that I know at sleeping, eating and drinking…….So my outlet is improving my CrossFit skills whether coaching or as an athlete.  Believe me I have lots to improve on, as we always can get better at everything!  Strive to become better in every aspect of our lives.  I believe if you’re not having fun you’re not doing much.  So I tend to have a joke for anything…….if you’re not laughing you’re not living.  When you care enough to put yourself through intense, rigorous workouts you deserve to laugh at yourself.

Describe your first crossfit experience?

It was a hero workout day… even if it wasn’t a so called name it was down right dirty!  It took me 50 minutes to an hour to complete.  Of course I was DFL.  Of course, what is that you ask?  Dead (F) Last.

What made you come back?

It was intense.  It was different.  It wasn’t like anything else, fitness wise, that I had ever been apart of.  People cheering you on, people urging you to finish… family.  The community is such a big part of what we do everyday.  We may not be alike but we have something in common.

How long have you been doing crossfit?

July 2011 was that dreaded day of infamy in the eyes of the beholder, a new Chris, a new lifestyle, a better walking-talking, hand chalking Manning.

 What is your favorite signature crossfit workout?

All the ladies.  They will all kick your rump just like everyday life.  They have bonded together to kick us where we would rather not be kicked.

 What do you enjoy most when coaching crossfit?

Coaching is a very humbling experience.  You learn that all your movements have been wrong for a long time.  There is always another athlete out there that’s better than you at every movement, so keep your head to the grindstone and proof yourself.  You become a better athlete learning all of the movements, so becoming an L-1 certified trainer is always a great thing whether you want to coach or not.  The best feeling is coaching an athlete who at first thought that some of these complicated movements were impossible to actually become possible through hard work and determination.  Can you say goosebumps?

 Whats your favorite non-paleo treat?

Dorito’s are the paleo killer.  It goes from one to none real quick.

 If someone asked you “what is crossfit?” what would you tell them?

Crossfit……the real answer, continuously varied functional movements executed at a high intensity.  But really it’s a lifestyle!  Expect the unexpected……3,2,1, Go.

 In your own words, describe Rocktown Crossfit

Rocktown.  My new home………and hopefully yours too.  There’s nothing like kicking your self in the rear with like minded individuals who want to see you succeed.  Whether it’s to get in better shape, prove something to yourself or to compete against others, the plan is to make you a machine!  Come get Some!