Meet the Coach

DSC_0173Meet The Coach: Evelyn de Chauny

Lets take a closer look at our favorite coach with two last names!  She likes tall socks, foreign language, and the great outdoors: meet Evelyn!

Tell us a little about yourself:
Well…I’m originally from Rhode Island and made my way down to Virginia to attend JMU for school and I stuck around. I currently work at Rosetta Stone with K-12 schools. Aside from Crossfit, I’ve always enjoyed endurance sports….swimming, biking and running particularly. I love enjoying the outdoors, whether it be skiing during the winter months or hiking Old Rag when it’s warmer.

Describe your first crossfit experience?
I mistakenly thought that with a previous sports background, CrossFit would be a challenge but I could “pick it up” quickly. Little did I know that the warm up alone would be intimidating. I don’t recall the exact workout, but I remember there were double unders in there, which definitely got my blood pumping since I couldn’t even do singles. It was all around a rough first experience, but the fact that I had finished got me hooked.

What made you come back?
The pain and frustration of not performing as well as I wanted to. It’s a great driving force when you’re not happy with your execution of movements. I also saw the people around me kicking some serious “you know what” and that also motivated me. I hadn’t been a part of a “community” since my college triathlon days and it was great to find that again in a sport. It was much different than going into a gym and working out solo. My older brother (Special Forces) had also had CrossFit training in his repertoire and has always motivated me to continue my fitness journey, so that played a large role as well.

How long have you been doing crossfit?
1.5 years

What is your favorite signature crossfit workout?
Not sure that I have a favorite workout because they’re all quite challenging. As crazy as it may sound, I did enjoy completing “Murph” last Memorial Day in the 90+ degree weather outdoors. It’s awesome to be able to honor some of our fallen heroes with specific workouts and that one kicked my butt. Other than that, I enjoy any movements dealing with the upper body since that’s one of my prominent weak points (strict press, handstand work, etc.).

What do you enjoy most when coaching crossfit?
By far, the best moment is when an athlete is able to execute that skill/movement correctly. Their face lights up, they get pumped up and in turn it really just energizes me. As a coach, it’s incredibly rewarding to have people succeed and understand why we push them so that they are able to have that feeling of success. Love it! As a coach, it’s phenomenal when athletes surpass your skill/ability level because seeing that growth and change is awesome! Your success is our success 🙂

Whats your favorite non-paleo treat?
It’s a toss up between a vanilla milkshake or a slice of New York style cheesecake.

If someone asked you “what is crossfit?” what would you tell them?
In short, it’s practicing how to move better every day and applying those movements from the gym to your own life. As a coach, sometimes you have to help athletes make those connections as to what that means, but when people understand there’s an “aha” moment. I think the real focus is learning how to move more efficiently so that you can continue to do things you love for a long time and prevent issues/injuries which creep up as we all get older.

In your own words, describe Rocktown Crossfit
Some things that come to mind…great people, community, excitement. Since Nate and Lauren asked me to join to “The Rock” as a coach, it’s been lots of fun. It’s incredible to see where people started in January when the gym opened, and where they are now. The people and attitudes are wonderful and refreshing. Seeing people who are more than willing to help and cheer on the others around them, even if they don’t know their names is awesome! Everyone may have their own individual goals and challenges, but it’s all laid out on the floor during each workout. As a coach, that’s the absolute best thing you can ask for out of any athlete no matter what the skill level. You all are amazing and I’m glad that I am able to have the opportunity to be a part of your own CrossFit journey with Rocktown.

Anything else? 3…2…1… 
Never stop exploring or pushing yourselves. As coaches, none of us has all of the answers, but there are so many resources you have to help lead to your success in this sport whether it’s another athlete, articles, certification classes, etc. A large part of it is up to you to explore and find out, which makes it challenging and very rewarding. And last but not least, keep an open mind. You never reach a point in this sport where you can’t learn something new and making sure that you’re open to that is an important part. There are tons of CrossFit training methodologies, and part of your success is finding which one is most suitable for you. You guys ROCK!!!

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