Method Man

the rock memeSo over the past week or so the coaches have been getting a lot of questions about going heavier than the prescribed weight.  There is no doubt that most of you could perhaps handle a larger load, but I’m asking you this small favor…

Trust Us

There is a method to our madness.  There is a reason the cleans were light on Monday, the movement that was causing problems was the Handstand pushups…not the cleans.  We go lighter on a couplet like that so you can expend more energy conquering the pushups, not getting fatigued from the cleans…while they serve a purpose in the workout, they are more background noise than they are a priority.  Same with the push press/box jump workout.  Who did that workout and had sore shoulders?  If I’m guessing I’m saying not many…how many people had sore calves?  More than had sore shoulders.  The purpose of the push press is to give you a load that while not overwhelming, enough to make you breath a little heavier than normal while trying to recover so you could jump on that #$%% box again 🙂  If you look at that weight and think you should be doing more….your score for the day should be above and beyond everyone else if that is the case.  If its light, then SMASH the workout at that weight…make it your b*tch.  This will build the motor that you can take to the competitions and rise above those around you.  When is it time to go heavy?  Open gym.  Something I do on a regular basis is “Every Minute on the Minute” to add volume while not taxing my body.  10 minutes…odd minute 15 wall  balls with the #30, even minute 3-5 cleans at 225.  Enough to add volume but I’m not going to wake up the next day needing a massage.  Chances are if you feel you are in this category then you’ve trusted us up to this point to help you shed some weight, or get stronger…now I’m asking you to continue to believe in the process.  If the workout looks light…destroy it.  If you aren’t sure what to do during open gym to help with these area’s come see Nate or Lauren and they will point you in the right direction (unless they say go to chikfila…not the right direction).  We want to see you all succeed in whatever your fitness goals may be and we will do everything we can to help you get there!

Thursday, June 26th

Strength: Open Gym


3 Rounds for Time

500m Row

10 Pushups

20 Ball Slams

30 Situps

*Reference Nov. 21