Not like a mean crack dealer, but like… like a nice one.


A message from our local tame racing driver, The Stig  Trevor:

lAsNv2Vu0DvR8i67elmbHcXw8vU“As CrossFitters we push ourselves constantly, we try to live outside our comfort zone. If you’ve been around The Rock for a while you may have heard me talk about the similarities in racing a car and completing a challenging workout.

I’d like to pass along an opportunity to Rocktown members to step outside your comfort zone by riding shotgun with me at the race track. A 25 minute ride-a-long will be available at each NASA (National Auto Sport Association) event that remains this season. (Check out the schedule here…)
Wanna take it a step further? For only $155 you can experience driving a race car! You’ll attend a 45 minute classroom session and then get behind the wheel of my BMW M3 race car for a 25 minute driving stint with me in the passenger seat providing instruction. If you want the car for an entire weekend I have a program for that too.
Aside from on-track activities a fun time is always had watching races and late afternoon beers in the paddock so any an all are invited to join me and VBD Motorsport at anytime throughout the season. Cheers. “





Rex note: I’ll be at these events too, but I don’t have a baller BMW Race car. I just hang out in timing and scoring, Disqualifying Trevor for cheating not filling out his classing paperwork correctly, but after all the racing is done we can totally have a beer or whatever.