Oh Monday

Few Notes…

– Only one class at 8:30am Thursday and Friday.

-When you come in for class, please stay out of the line of fire.  Athletes are focused on what they are doing, not whose coming in the door or who is around them…please stay to the right near the cubbies.  Also, please don’t interrupt the coaches while they are in the midst of class…if you need to speak with them or have a question please wait till the end of the class that is currently in session.

-There will be only one session of PEAK this two weeks (6:45am) so we have a little more room in the evenings…but please continue to be considerate of those taking class.

Monday, July 1st

As Many Rounds As Possible in: 7min
3 Front Squats #185/125
200m Run
Every Minute on the Minute for 10 min
Odd Minute:
3 burpee muscle ups or
5 burpee Chest-to-Bar pullups OR
5 burpee pullups OR
7 pullups
Even Minute:
3 Clean and Jerks @ 185/125