Old Man Winter

Is allegedly coming to pay us a visit tonight…stay tuned to the website and facebook if our schedule changes.  OR if you have an android go to the App store and download the new Rocktown CrossFit App….and for you Iphone users don’t worry, we will have one for you as well in just a few weeks.  Our goal with these will be to push notifications (like tomorrow when the weather is bad) but for now you can use the app to check the workouts, other info, etc.

No matter the weather, we will have class at some point tomorrow!

And as we prepare for the crossfit open, enjoy this little beauty from 2012 (I swear, more info on the open, how to sign up, etc…coming tomorrow)

Tuesday, January 21st
Front Squats (All % based on 90% of 1 Rep Maxes)
3 Reps @ 70% then 7 Back Squats
3 Reps @ 80% then 5 Back Squats
3+ Reps @ 90%
30 Pistol Squats

Crossfit Open Workout 12.1
As Many Reps as Possible in: 7min
*These will be hand release with the athlete jumping to a target 6in above their reach*