Open Season

For those of you with no desire to compete in the crossfit open, you can skip ahead to the bottom.  If you’re not sure what it is or what’s coming or have the desire to participate, keep reading.

We are entering into what you might consider the “CrossFit Season”.  For 5 weeks beginning February 27th CrossFit headquarters will release a workout every Thursday evening and for those who choose to participate will have till Monday evening to complete the workout.  The specifications of the workouts must be done as described by headquarters and your score must be judged and verified.  Last year we had 8 athletes compete in the open and we are expecting many more of you to participate this year.  After the open the top 50 males and females from each region are invited to a regional competition and the top 3 from each region is then invited to the crossfit games…which is what you see on TV.  These are the elite of the elite and truly are amazing to watch.  You may ask yourself, “why should I participate in the open when I have no chance at going to regionals?”  I can tell you from experience, you will find yourself working harder during these workouts than you do on a daily basis.  With everyone cheering each other on, trying to get that last rep or getting that first muscle up…its a great experience.  The way the workouts are built, ANYONE can typically participate.  Another reason I love the open is it gives you the opportunity to see where you stand…not only in the gym, but in the world.  Your score is posted on the crossfit games site and you can see where you stand overall or after each workout.  Along with seeing where you stand, those of you looking for motivation or something to work towards, look no further.  You can treat these 5 weeks like a competition and train hard…after those 5 weeks I can assure you that you will be fitter and know more about yourself than when the open started.  On the flip side, I’ve seen the bad side of the open.  I’ve seen people take it so serious that they lose touch with what’s important…our fitness and well being.  At the end of the day, none of us (at least not right now) are going to the crossfit games…so use the open to test your fitness, have fun and see where you stand….don’t take yourself to seriously and know that we are all on the same team cheering for each other.  As far as completing the workouts, we plan to do a signup for workout times to give everyone plenty of chances to get the workouts in or to re-do them if you so choose….but again, be realistic.  These workouts will be stressful on the body and doing them 3 times in 4 days may not be the smartest thing.  Below is a link to where you can create your profile and sign up…it does cost $20 but your score is immortalized and at any point I can go back to see how I did.  As you’ve noticed, we do these workouts throughout the year and we’ll be doing probably one per week from the past few years leading up to February 27th.  Create the profile, get signed up….the worst that could happen is you PR…but always remember, its just exercise 🙂

Wednesday, January 22nd


Deadlifts (All % based on 90% of 1 Rep Maxes)

3 Reps @ 70%

3 Reps @ 80%

3+ Reps @ 90%

1 x 15 Back Extensions on GHD Machine
50 KB Swings (make this one working set for time)
Workout: 15min Cap
1000m Row
3 Rounds
15 Thrusters (95/65)
5 Muscle Ups (10 Chest to Bar Pullups)