I don’t think we say enough how much we love our gym family.  You guys are awesome and we look forward to seeing each of you day in and day out.  The community and sense of togetherness exerted everyday is truly a spectacle.  Each day you show up and pour everything you have into each workout and you trust us with your well being…and for that we thank you for the opportunity.  You have embraced our vision of what CrossFit should be…a sanctuary of fitness and encouragement.  We do our best to provide you ample opportunities to achieve your fitness goals and if you’ve ever been to other CrossFit gyms I assure you the opportunity is above and beyond…and I can say its totally worth it.  To see where each of you are after just a few days, months, weeks of CrossFit is truly amazing, thank you for being a part of it.

“Luck is the last dying wish of those that think winning can happen by accident.”

Friday, March 15
10 min:
5 Front Squats 135/95
10 knees to elbows
15 wallballs

3x400m run (slowest one counts); 60s rest in between runs

5-5-5 Overhead Squats/ Ovehead Squat Practice

Use and empty bar/pvc pipes/etc…use this time to get better