Power Athlete


Power Athlete

Designed for the High school and collegiate athlete

We are pleased to announce the start of our strength and conditioning program high school and college athletes.  This program will apply sports specific components to help build power in your athlete.  Strength without speed can be a ship without a sail and vice versa…combine the two and you are a force to be reckoned with.

What will you get?

A true assessment of limitations.  All athletes have these, and to get better they must be addressed.  Our first step when you walk through our doors will be to assess each athlete, reveal any limitations in movements and positions and begin to focus on these areas in our warm ups, weight lifting and conditioning.  A great example is a basketball player who is a real offensive threat.  Big time scorer who is great at taking players off the dribble.  However, he plays very poor defense.  This may not be his lack of effort, as much as it is lateral limitations with his hips and hamstrings.  We have the tools to reveal these flaws and drills to make them your strength!

Who is the Power Athlete for?

Anybody.  If you want to get better, I promise you have come to the right place.  This is not a cookie cutter 5-3-1 strength program.  Each athletes needs will be treated differently with goals in place to make them better on the field.

What should I tell my Coach?

You get what you emphasize in a program. If all the coaches care about are numbers, then so will the kids. If your goal in the weight room is to get athletes to squat 450lbs, that number doesn’t mean anything unless they can use it. Power Athlete emphasizes the posture and position in the weight room as a way to increase performance on the field. While numbers are important, they are less important when compared to developing reproducible movement patterns for young athletes. These patterns pay dividends on the field; true skill transfer.  I am happy to talk with any coach about what we are doing here at Rocktown CrossFit and they are always welcome to stop in and watch their athletes grow…I can assure they will be happy when they get you back.

What if I’m in season?

Our current schedule is 7:15pm-8:30pm.  This is a little later than I would like for athletes in school but as summer approaches we hope this will become easier.  I can tell you from experience athletes who weight lift and train up to the start of a season and then stop will lose what they gained.  This doesn’t mean lifting after practice 5 days a week but maintaining strength is the key to staying healthy and strong throughout a long season and into the playoffs.  No athlete in season will be conditioned, just the strength portion will be endured during this time.

How Much? When? And Why one more time…

$50 for 1 month. Mondays/Wednesdays at 7:15pm and some occasional Saturdays at 9am.

The culture and success of each team or player begins with the development of a solid strength and conditioning program built around improving strengths and identifying and addressing weaknesses.