Power Hour

Great energy in the gym today, and even better form on our power cleans…apparently you WERE listening during PEAK 🙂

And a side note that we have noticed and I’m not really sure what to say about it besides the simple fact that if you cheat on your reps…your an A hole.  You are hurting no one but yourself but its hard for us as trainers to walk around and see people killing themselves and others not doing all the reps….everyone loses count from time to time but every set is disappointing.  You may think you are under the radar but we know when you’re cheating and we don’t want to call you out.  So lets not have to mention this again.  We love you guys and want to see you achieve the best results possible.


Thursday, February 7th

5 rounds of:
200m run
10 box jumps

3×1 min plank holds (modified option-plank on knees)
5×5 toes to bar (or knees to elbows if can’t get toes to bar)