Safety First

As I approached the rock this morning all I could see were the flashing lights of the firetrucks at the corner of evelyn byrd and neff and my heart was in my throat.  My immediate thought was that there had been an accident and the only people crazy enough to be on the road that early were those heading to rocktown.  As the students return please be sure to use extreme caution when traveling through town.  At that time of the morning people are typically driving with one eye open and the other on their cell phone….Jason Jones can attest to these from earlier this year.  I can’t imagine something happening to one of our members…especially on their way to workout.  Each of you are family to us and always know that while we may get in your arse on occasion we do care about you, your well being….inside the gym and out.  Happy thursday!

*if you are competing this weekend….start backing it down.  Nate and Lauren will work out Thursday and do their wendler on Friday most likely but that’s just how we roll.  You want to be fresh for Saturday bottom line….so follow a plan that gives you that result.*


Thursday, August 22nd

5×75% (of their 90%)
1+x95% (this set is as many reps with PERFECT FORM.  Do not get to the point of failure)

2×10 good mornings

2×20 KB swings

2×20 medball situps against the wall (AKA, the normal toes to bar option)



As Many Rounds As Possible in: 15min

200m Run

15 Squats

10 Abmat Situps