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Scaling Your Weights for Maximum Performance

by Stephanie

Worried about your age? Your ability to complete a CrossFit WOD? Not a problem.

CrossFit is designed not just for elite athletes, but for the everyday individual looking to get something more out of his or her training. An elite athlete can come into our gym and complete 30 repetitions of 135-pound clean and jerks, but we know most of the population cannot. Workouts are Rx’d (prescriped) to provide a baseline for the weights and provide motivation for the workout. The prescribed workout gives advanced athletes a goal, and newer athletes a starting point.

A good coach knows how to help individuals of all levels of fitness—including those with pre-existing injuries—scale the workout so that each person gets the most out of his or her workout. Scaling simply means making the workout appropriate for one’s own level. We know that most people won’t be able to overhead squat 95 pounds on their first day. What we do know is that we can work to find the appropriate weight for YOU and help you progress from there.

“Rx weights and times do not matter. The only thing that matters is your effort and your progress.” –Bobby from CrossFit Huntley

Scaling your weight removes the fear from being able “do CrossFit.” Our trainers are here to ensure you get your best workout without injury, fear, or failure. And scaling your workouts will increase your work capacity more efficiently and make training more gratifying. Properly scaling your weights and achieving faster workout times will yield a higher level of power.

Careful scaling takes work, but with the help of your trainers you’ll be able to track your progress, evaluate your results and make any appropriate modifications that you need.

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