CrossFit: Rocktown Crossfit classes will include an instructor led warm up, movement review, workout and a skill/strength component.  Please arrive a few minutes early as class will begin as scheduled. Each class will offer the following levels for each workout:

  • Fitness:  Workouts done at the Fitness level are designed to incorporate the most basic of functional movements.  These workouts will push even the advanced athlete but will be less demanding in regards to weight, gymnastics and total repetitions.  Fitness is a great workout for athletes new to CrossFit.
  • Performance:  Workouts programmed for our Performance level will reflect the fitness goals of the general membership at Rocktown CrossFit.  These workouts will include the ten skills of crossfit on a daily basis and should try to be completed as prescribed.  Workouts done at the performance level will be more physically demanding than those at the fitness level.

CrossFit Kids: CrossFit Kids is a physical activity program that is geared to get kids MOVING..  Click here for more information.
Child Care:  Through our partnership with Valley Fitness we are able to offer Child Care at the rate of $5 for 90 minutes.  Members participating in Child Care are able to attend the 9am, Noon, 4:15pm and 5:15pm class based on operating hours at Valley Fitness.  Please contact us for further details or questions.

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