Sexy Rexys Day Off!

you know….kinda like Ferris Bueller?  Anyways…without delay, Rex’s Athlete of the Month Workout!

Don’t forget yoga tonight at 7:15.  Nobody will be completing the Open workout this evening.  Neil is locking up shop so if he wants to hang out to watch the 14.5 announcement its up to him!

All our coaches will be at a weight lifting camp this weekend minus Sarah.  Please be proactive and efficient with getting to class on time, helping some of our beginners, etc.  Ali will also be stepping in to coach some of the morning classes on Friday along with Sarah.  A big thank you to them, we hope to bring back some good information to share with all of you!

Thursday, March 26th

Sexy Rexy’s Happy Fun Time Workout:

Partner Workout:

4 Rounds

5 minutes of work, 1 minute rest/setup


Each round, team will grab a poker chip:


20 Burpees (any partner split)


20 Medball Situps (any partner split)



20 Double Unders (any partner split)



20 Box Jumps (any partner split)



250m Row (any partner split [but don’t be that guy])


Time remaining of 5 minutes after Chip Task: Max effort ground to overhead.

Scored for total weight overhead, after multiplier.

Score Multipliers

Male/Male:  1

Male/Female:  1.3

Female/Female:  1.5