Skillz for Dayz

Wednesday, July 17th
Fight Gone Wild: Partner Edition
5 Stations: 90 seconds of work, 30 second transitions
3 Rounds
Rope Climbs
Tire Flips
Calorie Row
Double Unders
50m Sled Drive
While Partner A is climbing the rope Partner B must hold a Plank…only one partner may climb at a time
Both Partners will perform tire flips simultaneously
While Partner A is rowing Partner B is performing a farmers hold with 2 Kettlebells…once the KB’s are dropped the partners must switch
Both Partners will perform double unders simultaneously
Both Partners will drive the sled simultaneously.
Score will be total number of climbs, flips, calories rowed, double unders and meters completed over the workout.  If you cannot perform rope climbs both partners will hold planks for the 90 secs and will be awarded a score
Open Gym