Soap Box

About to go all philosophical…if you’ve heard this before feel free to skip to the bottom 🙂

One thing you’ll never hear out of mine or any coaches mouth at the rock is the word wod.  Not that there is anything wrong with it but here is why we don’t use it at the rock.  Its been a few years, myself, Lauren and a few friends had just gotten into crossfit and were very excited about the fitness regiment we had stumbled upon.  While out with some friends who did not do crossfit they asked what it was all about.  I will never forget this next part…but one person from the group jumped in to tell him “we had done a crazy wod that day…it was a 20min amrap with burpees, etc etc…”.  Whatever came after that first sentence was white noise.  You may hear whisperings that crossfit is a cult and in my opinion the lingo plays a part in it.  At that moment our friend was scared.  He didn’t understand what any of that meant and in his eyes, crossfit wasn’t something he had any interest in.  Some say the lingo is part of the culture and I get that but to those on the outside, at times it can be their way of separating us.  Let your hard work and changes your body feels be what sets us apart from other regiments, not some talk about amrap wods, etc.  If that same friend would have been told, we did a strength and conditioning workout that incorporates cardio, some weight lifting and a little gymnastics, he may have said “tell me more”.  As I stated before, to each their own…but go without saying it and then bring someone in who throws it in a sentence 3-4 times a minute and you may think of it differently.  I love all shapes, sizes, wods, workouts and will never condone you for using it, but just know you’ll never hear it from us 🙂  End speech, on to the workout!

Thursday, August 28th

7 min Ladder

Overhead Squats (95/65)



*this is a throw back to last fall but for the life of me I can’t find the date…I know it was a Friday!