Thank You

I will apologize in advance that this has taken so long…but with the Open coming and getting ready for our new bundle of joy to say its been a busy few months is an understatement.

That being said, from the bottom of our hearts we would like to say Thank You to everyone who contributed to the monetary gift for our 5-year anniversary.  I know you’re probably tired of hearing this but I truly believe that the fitness is secondary to what we have at The Rock.  Some day this structure or business may be gone but the relationships established here will no doubt last forever.  I often look at some of the lives our members have gone on to live after joining here and its hard to imagine what it would be like if Rocktown had never existed.  And that is not a tribute to us…it’s a testament to each of you, the kind of warm and welcoming people you are.

As we turn the page into year 6 we are excited about the changes and challenges we will face in the future.  Our goal is to make this the best product possible.  Fitness is always changing and we will do out best to continue evolving to provide each of you the best return on investment we can.  Thank you to everyone who provided suggestions for equipment.  When we sat down and looked at needs the two biggest area’s mentioned were abmats and additional dumbbell weights.  After more Q&A it seems that the request for abmats were more in regards to handstand pushups vs actual situps…thus the wrestling pad was born!  That being said our plan is to put your gift toward adding additions dumbbell weights to our collection (sorry Kendra…I know you wanted that Assault Bike).  We’ll be doing our best to get these ordered over the next few weeks, and we’ll be sure to program plenty of man makers to get them broken in appropriately 😊

Thank you again for your contribution.  Thank you for trusting us with your fitness.  5 years down…a lifetime of PR’s to go! #likearock