The Davis Family

Rocktown fam…one of our own needs our help. Amalie Davis one of our 6:45am crew has been diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor called Ependymoma. It’s been a long road to confirm this diagnosis and Amalie has been a trooper tolerating a lot of pain. She is scheduled for surgery June 23rd at Johns Hopkins to have the tumor removed. The amount of PT required after surgery is unknown but doctors are confident they can remove most if not all of the tumor. Donte and their 3 children will be making the trip to Baltimore to be with Amalie and Donte will be taking time off work. For the next week we will be gathering donations and making a contribution to the family…if you would like to contribute you can go through us, be it check, cash or we can debit your account on file just send us a message or let us know when you see us at The Rock. There is also a gofundme page you can contribute through as well. If you don’t know Amalie there’s a chance you have worked out with her sister Jennie Stewart or seen her kids attending Crossfit Kids classes. We would like to make our contribution next weekend as they prep for their trip. Thank you all for considering…Amalie is strong as is her faith and family and we have no doubt she’s going to be back on her feet in no time! ‪#‎likearock‬