The Fran Cap and Nutrition

2 things that have been on my mind this weekend…and wanted to put my thoughts to paper and share with you guys.

  1. The Fran Cap

If you come to work out this past Friday you may have noticed that we capped Fran at 8 Minutes vs 10 minutes that we have done in the past.  Below is an insert from an article Steph shared in the Athletes group last week called “Elliptical Syndrome”

“Warning: Reducing intensity can be habit forming. Please consult your CrossFit trainer immediately.

You have to do Fran today.

Stop reading, close your eyes and really think about that for a moment.

Note the freefall feeling in your chest, the sweaty palms and the subtle changes in your breathing.

Now consider this statement:

You have to do Fran in less than 12 minutes today.

I bet you suddenly don’t feel nervous at all. You might even view the reps as a warm-up for another workout.

Same weight, same reps, same workout—different results.

Intensity burns. It tastes like a mouthful of old pennies soaked in battery acid. It makes you dizzy. It causes you to writhe around on the ground trying to work the misery out of your muscles. It usually requires a period spent on your back or butt, and sometimes it sends your lunch back the way it came in. Intensity gets caught in your throat and keeps you hacking hours after the workout ends.

Intensity also brings results. Push someone out of the comfort zone and physiology adapts. Do that regularly and fitness improves dramatically. After more than 15 years of workouts on and six years of the CrossFit Games Open, we can make that statement with certainty backed by data.

Discomfort creates adaptation, but it can be very tempting to avoid the continuous discomfort needed to keep driving adaptation—even as a CrossFit athlete who knows its rewards.”

Now…think about it.  By design, Fran is meant to be fast.  It should be a workout done with little break.  If it cannot be done to that standard, it should most likely be scaled.  The desired stimulus is to leave your lungs gasping for air, forearms pulsating, and legs feeling shaky.  There is no doubt that most of you who have been with us for 6+ month can look at Fran and say “I can do thrusters at that weight, and I can do pullups”.  That does not necessarily mean you should do that workout RX.  Ask yourself or ask the coach, “should today be heavy?  should I do pullups in singles? or should I scale back, really push hard and fast?”  Some days it should be singles and heavy…Fran days it should not.  All of that being said…please don’t be frustrated!  Fran will be back in 2 months….you’ve been put on notice….get ready for her return!


2. Nutrition

crossfit-pyramid1Take a look at the CrossFit Pyramid.  For those of you who don’t know how these work, the foundation starts at the bottom and works its way up.  As you can see, if you are neglecting your nutrition, you are working against the grain.  It doesn’t matter how many gym memberships you have if you leave the gym and go home and pound away at alcohol or bad food on a regular basis you will not see changes.  If you’re not sure what you “should” be eating or need some guidance please ask a coach or send Nate and Lauren a message…we will be happy to help get you on the right track.  This doesn’t mean you should be eating 1000 calories a day with lettuce and water…just be sure you’re balanced.  At the end of the day its what you do the 23 hours you’re not at the gym that play the biggest role in your fitness goals, don’t try to outrun your fork, its never going to happen.  Make changes in the kitchen and results will 100% follow.