The Open

What some of you may have seen on ESPN Sunday evenings the past few weeks is about to kickoff starting next Wednesday.  Just like other sports, the competitive side of CrossFit has a season that runs from March 6th through Mid-July.  What begins next week is the Crossfit Open.  For 5 weeks, crossfit head quarters will release a workout every Wednesday at 5pm, and for those interested you may sign up online ($20) and submit your scores.  If you plan to submit your scores the workouts must be done as prescribed and you must have a judge validate your scores.  After 5 weeks of scoring, the top 45 males and females from each region (we are considered the mid-atlantic) will move on to Regionals…and from regionals, the top 3 male and females will move on to the CrossFit games that are aired on ESPN.  Its a grueling journey and those who make it to California are without a doubt the fittest in the world.  But back to the open….this gives each of you the opportunity to see where you stand….to say I know the pain those people on ESPN felt when I did that workout back in March.  Once the open begins next Wednesday we will be doing the Open workouts on Saturdays, and those not submitting scores will be able to scale these as needed, and during the open gym time Athletes who will be submitting scores will be completing the workouts.  We encourage everyone to stick around and cheer them on as they go through these workouts as the weights will get heavy and the rep schemes will make you cringe.  There are hundreds of slogans out there right now as to why you should sign up for the Open…..mine is simple….Prove.Your.Fitness.  Where do I stand?  I want to know.  I see friends on facebook who have signed up making comments about how “they have worked hard and they deserve to do well”…At the Rock our results dictate how hard we work, we don’t need to tell anyone how hard we have worked.  Wednesdays are like Christmas for me when they release those workouts, and they are grueling no doubt.  If you are interested in signing up to submit your scores, see one of the coaches at the gym and we will show you what needs to be done.  I encourage each of you to get in the gym on those Saturdays and at least do these workouts in some facet or another and if you absolutely can’t make it, let a coach know and we will try to schedule a make up if its something you really want to do.

Tuesday, Feb. 26
5 min:
15 situps
10 box jumps


5 min:
10 hr pushups
20 lunges (45/25)


5 min:
7 burpees
12 thrusters (75/55)

10 Wall Walks
5 min of double under practice