The Warrior

Bring your elbow pads, shin guards, and maybe a beer… its going to be a dog fight!

Also, Open gym after class….This needs to be cleaned up.  I don’t mind you staying and working on some things if its not a packed house.  But you should be seen and not heard….don’t be a distraction to a class that’s in progress.  And if you drop a barbell with weight on it while a coach is instructing the warmup, strength or workout…or touch the rings, 100% chance a coach is going to ask you to go.  bottom line, be respectful…we love your passion to get better, just do so in a working manner.

Thursday, October 31st

Kendra Anderson Athlete of the Month Workout

400m Run


4 Rounds for Time:

Pick a chip:

  • 50 total partner abmat sit-ups with medicine ball.  – must take ball over head (partners work at the same time)


  • 50 total partner box jumps – partners facing each other.  One partner jumps then the other.  (partners work at the same time)


  • 40 Pullups.  Other partner does handstand hold while the other completes pullups (can switch). *Scaled will be a plank hold*


  • 150 Double unders.  One partner must hold plank while other completes double unders (can switch) .


  • 20 Squat Cleans.   One partner power clean squats then the other.  (135/95) (partners work at the same time)


  • ** 200 m run between each round, except your last round**

Finish with 400m Run

*Partners will draw chips from a coach as they come in the door from the run…you may draw the same chip more than once….or perhaps a different chip each round….prepare for the unknown!*