Weekend Warriors

Yeah I’m posting this very early as I won’t have time tonight so a few orders of business before we get to tomorrows workout… If you don’t follow us on Facebook (and if you have Facebook and aren’t following us shame!) we announced yesterday that in addition to PEAK at 8 and 11 Saturday morning we will also have a workout at 9:30…this will NOT be a PEAK session so if you need that last session of PEAK you need to come at 8 or 11, 9:30 will be for anyone that wants to get that one last burn in before partaking Saturday afternoon/night.  Feel free to come in a little early or stay a little later for this workout and get some open gym time.  If the weather does get nasty we will post here and Facebook, but if you don’t see anything then you know we are rolling.

Next Saturday, we will be closed.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience but literally all of our trainers are competing in the individual SuperFit Games in Charlottesville, so try to get in the gym Friday Feb. 1 for that last PEAK class.  If you absolutely can’t make it in that Friday, Let a trainer know and we will find a time to get with you on making up that last PEAK.  Which leads me to my next point…if anyone is interested in going to the SuperFit Games and cheering us on the more the merrier.  We will put a signup at the front desk for anyone interested in carpooling, wanting to go, etc.  These events are a lot of fun and if you have any interest in competing you will get a feel for what the atmosphere is like…and let me tell you its nothing short of electric.  The event will be held at the Boy’s and Girls Club.

Tomorrow starts our 3rd installment of PEAK where we will introduce the “clean” series with a feisty little workout to follow…

400m Run

10! (10,9,8,7,6…)

Hang Power Cleans

Walking Lunges

AbMat Sit Ups

200m Run/Sprint

*If there is snow we will consider rowing*