Whats a WOD?

I’ll start by saying this…to each there own.  But let it be known, I don’t WOD.  I workout….in a gym….with weights…..and I do it for time.  The term WOD is something that has eaten at me for some time, while at first I didn’t understand why; it has become very clear to me in the past year as to why I don’t like it.  The example that sticks out the most is a group of friends who crossfit are all out having a few cocktails talking about crossfit with people who do not do crossfit or know anything about it.  If you are reading this post, clearly you know the power that crossfit posses, its ability to change peoples bodies and mind.  The non-crossfitting friends asked what they did at the gym that morning and it went something along the lines of, “we had a crazy wod…it was a 12min amrap with pistols, hspu and rowing.  It was awesome, the box was electric!”.  The non-crossfitting friends looked at this person as though they had 3 heads and you could instantly tell that they were turned off.  This is where the play “cult” comes in.  Many refer to what we do as “cultish” but I beg to differ.  How you represent the sport of fitness and how you present it to others is very relevant if friends decide if they want to try it or not…so in my definition of crossfit, I simply say, I workout….in a gym….with weights…..and I do it for time.  You’ll never see the word WOD written on our whiteboard at The Rock and while you may call it what you like be courteous to those who don’t follow what we do….give them a good understanding of the community we represent, the energy we exert, and the gains we make….rather than them having to ask you what a WOD is.


Wednesday, June 26th
Deadlifts (185/135)
Ring Dips

Conditioning: 3x400m Run