What’s it Take?

I read a great article today followed up by a pretty cool picture/caption on instagram.  The article was by Dave Lipson, Camille Bazinet’s wife (winner of the crossfit games) and it was titled “What does it take to be a champion?”  I’m going to post some of the article below but don’t necessarily apply the text to your crossfit life…think about goals outside the gym…maybe a job promotion that you know is coming up in the next 12 months, maybe a race you are preparing for, or anything that may be outside your comfort zone that is going to asks you to step up your game…

“Some say champions are born, others say they are made.  The truth is, it’s a little of both.  Televised images of the winner’s podium at the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games revealed nothing of the journey that Camille undertook to be crowned the Fittest woman on earth.  We saw the physical triumph, the visual manifestation of a dream come true.  What remained unseen were the disappointments and failures, the sweat and sacrifice, the dedication and character built along the way.

Her tenacity and resolve remained constant during the next several years.  There were late-night and early-morning workouts on the track, in the pool, in parking lots and on beaches, grueling skill sessions throughout the day and always an unwillingness to cut even a single rep short.  All this while pursuing a degree in chemicals engineering, living in her parents’ basement and commuting three hours a day to school in a beat-up ’93 Tercel.  Oh, and most of her training was solo.  There was no one there to say “good job” or “just one more rep.”  The only one motivating Camille was Camille.

So what makes a champion?  In Camille’s case, its a willingness to do what others won’t, to be uncomfortable in a way that has no shortcuts or easy ways out.”

The picture on Instagram was Scott Panchik after a clean ladder with the crowd going nuts and the caption reads “these moments are made in the off-season”

In short, what I was able to take away from these was the fact that if you ever want something good to come of whatever it is your doing be it your job, training, parenting, etc you have to put in hard work…work that a lot of times will go unrecognized by your peers.  Thankless as it may be, and demoralizing at times…you have to try and wrap your head around what you want vs what you feel in that moment.  Having a crappy week at work or just struggling to stay motivated?  Think about the possibility of moving up 6 months from now and that foundation may need to start today.  Hate the feeling of going to a competition and feeling let down in how you performed?  Turning that disappointment around starts the next time you walk through those doors.  Like Dave mentions above…be willing to be uncomfortable and pass up the short cuts.  Complete every rep….go to every meeting….get your chin over the bar.  Keep your goals close on good days and bad…enjoy the ride, its what builds the character.

Thursday, October 9th

Crossfit Open 13.4

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes

Clean and Jerk (135/95)

Toes to Bar


*Reference Nov 18*