What’s Your Plan?

Starting tomorrow…most people will attempt to make a new years resolution that if Las Vegas were to put a percentage on it actually happening…most would be in the single digits.  My advice to you: Don’t be that person.

I’m not suggesting you not try to make changes, but be strategic…have a plan.  For myself (and I’m not perfect, don’t claim to be, this is just how I do it) whether is January 1 or April 17th, I like to have goals.  Some are long term, some are short term and very specific.  Telling yourself that starting tomorrow you plan to lose 50lbs and add 100lbs to your deadlift are both great goals, but how are we going to make them a reality?  With each goal I like to have a specific plan.  One goal I have over the next 2 months is to become a better runner. How am I going to accomplish that?  I plan to run twice a week…one day being longer endurance runs, the other day will be at the track running 400’s or hill sprints.  So with each plan you make, I encourage you to have a plan that follows.  Want to increase the weight on your clean and jerk?  lift heavy a few times a week.  What to make your clean and jerk technique perfect?  Practice with light weight a few times a week.  Not really sure what you should do?  ASK ME (again, I’m not the end all be all, I’m not going to the crossfit games, but I will give you my honest opinion and I promise to be realistic).  Goals are great, but as you can see the plan is just as important as your goals.  Write them down in your planner, put what you need to do to accomplish your goals in your workout book…oh yeah, and write them on the goal board at the rock!  I’d like to see everyone with at least one goal on the board starting next week.

And it should go unsaid, but for any goal to be successful, you have to be CONSISTENT!  This goes for outside of the gym as much as it does inside of the gym.  Show up, put in the work, rest, and do it again.  I see a lot of people on the internet writing about how much they are training or how hard they are working or all the “skinny” food they are cooking….I don’t care (this doesn’t apply to anyone at the rock, but I see it out there, the internet is a dark place).  What I care about is that when I see you, you are carrying yourself with confidence, you feel great and you are making progress toward your goals.  Do I expect everyone to eat broccoli and chicken every night for dinner?  Hell no!  But be consistent…Treat yourself after hitting your goals (I’m going to make a healthy dinner Monday thru Thursday and eat our Friday) and the reward will be that much sweeter.  And I think everyone probably knows this but in case you didn’t…Eating a chicken breast and washing it down with 6 beers is also counter productive.  In summary, if your goal is to eat healthier…eat lean meats, veggies, nuts, seeds, some fruits, little starch and no sugar.  Be realistic and don’t take yourself too serious, celebrate the victories.

A year is a long time and a lot can happen.  When I look back at 2013 its amazing all that has transpired.  Most of you can say the same.  When I met some of you last January you couldn’t do a pullup.  You couldn’t squat to proper depth.  You couldn’t do a toe to bar.  Now look at where you are…you’re not just someone who works out.  You’re an athlete.  You move with a purpose and you are efficient at what you do.  Life outside the gym is easier, the stairs aren’t as bad.  Shopping doesn’t hurt your back (it still hurts my back…that and folding clothes…pure evil).  My challenge to you in 2014 is two things.  1) Make Goals….and share them with someone who will hold you accountable.  2) Be consistent…whether in your personal life, or at the gym…consistency is the key to becoming successful, at whatever it is you want to be.  I hope this will help provide some direction for anyone that may need it and best of luck in all that you want to do and become in 2014…with goals and a plan, anything is possible!

Coach Nate Dawg