Why I’m Doing the Open – Tanner Johnson

TJName: Tanner Johnson aka Tan Tan the Man aka T-manster 

Age: 23

Occupation: Student at JMU

Family: Rick (dad), Christine (mom), Jake (brother), Abner (brother)

Workouts per week: 4-6


  1. 1. How many years have you been CrossFitting?

-A little over a year

  1. How many years have you done the Open?

-Just last year

  1. Why did you choose to compete in the Open?

-Nate and Lauren brought it up and it sounded like a lot of fun to do the same workout that the pros were also competing in.

  1. Were you able to do all the workouts?


5.What is your favorite part about the Open?

-Watching the pros demo the workout with everyone at The Rock, strategizing and cheering others on.

  1. Are you going to compete again this year?


7.  Anything else you want to mention?

-I would just say that the open can be fun for everyone as long as they don’t take it too serious. I realized I was at fault for this in the last few workouts and it took some of the fun out of it. Another thing I would mention is that if you have any serious/nagging injuries, the open might not be the best thing for you, especially if you are super competitive. Don’t risk getting hurt even more just to beat someone else’s score.